Avoid health and environmental problems and aid in the reduction of waste sent to landfill.

It is estimated that more than 17 million waste tyres are generated in Australia each year. Tyres are illegally dumped every year and not only cost millions of dollars annually but also produce severe health hazards and environmental damage. With years of experience in the Tyre Recycling Industry, Oz Tyre Recyclers are committed to responsible and legal, collection and safe disposal of end of life tyres.

– Tyre fires are very difficult to control and generate hazardous smoke, which can cause a health risk through the inhalation of particles and chemicals.
– Environmental impacts to soil, watercourses and stormwater are likely, and clean-up costs can be extremely high.
– Major risk of Toxic Pollution
– Tyres stockpiled in the open provide an ideal habitat for vermin and mosquitoes that transport disease.

TSA Accredited
Finding a business to assist with the world wide issue of Tyre Disposal has for most in the Automotive Industry been quite a difficult task. On quite a frequent basis we are asked by our Wholesale Accounts as to how and who is responsible for our Tyre Disposal. The answer has been and will always be simple… “If you want a prompt and regular service for Scrap Tyre Pick up, give the guys at Oz Tyre Recyclers a call." Thank you for your brilliant service and valued friendship over our 40+ year journey in the Tyre Industry.
Jessica Trumino
Superior Tyres